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As warehouse robotic technology has improved so has related simulation software. The software programs used for robotic simulations replicate real-world robotic conditions within a 3D virtual environment.

These tools offer detailed customization, providing a reliably clear view of how a robot will operate before it’s integrated. This gives warehouse managers peace of mind about how their investment will support their operations.

Most upfront programming for a robotic system is now typically completed in simulation software before being implemented in a physical robot.

Validate Concept and Save Money

Robotic simulations help you make decisions in two primary areas – proof of concept and design, and reduced integration costs.

Proof of Concept and Design

The simulation software can accurately prove that the system design will work and meet expectations as planned prior to implementation.

With a simulation, you can:

  • Prove the robotic solution will be capable of meeting pick rates.
  • Understand dwell time between picks.
  • Determine the number of workers required.
  • Implement potential improvements to floor layout and workflow.
  • Prove the overall system design will meet the solution requirements.

Reduced Integration Costs

The virtual nature of computer simulations allows for higher efficiency, contingency planning, and a faster, better understanding for customer team members. Robotic simulations help you to:

Optimize: Ensure your system is fully optimized and reduce risks associated with automation before you spend capital on any physical hardware.

Program: Program the robotic system prior to a physical setup, reducing implementation time significantly. It can sometimes take months before a system is fully set up and ready to go without this programming.

Troubleshoot remotely: Assuming the issue is not something that completely shuts down production, you can continue to get beneficial use out of the system while you work out the issue in the simulation software.

Confirm Before Robotic System Installation

Computer simulation tools have access to detailed customization, allowing for greater accuracy and confidence before they’re built and integrated.

When we do computer simulations with our clients, we identify the right solution for our client’s industry and how they want the system to work. We understand that no two companies work the same, even when they are in the same industry, even selling the same products. The simulations allow us to figure out most of the detail before the first robot hits the floor.