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Continuing its democratization of warehouse automation for distribution center SME’s, Liftians, Inc. (Liftians) is proud to announce its new strategic partnership with Velociti Alliance North America, Inc. (Velociti), a provider of deeply integrated supply chain solutions. This partnership will further solidify the dedication of both organizations to serve the convenience distribution and grocery distribution space.

Liftians helps SME’s begin automating a portion or all of their warehouse operations by lowering the barrier to entry, offering configurable options designed to optimize where it matters most, and a robust integration every step of the way. With its innovative warehouse automation technology platform, Liftians’ solutions help SME’s start increasing efficiency and accuracy while cutting costs.

North American organizations are now looking to respond to supply chain challenges more than ever, needing automated, responsive, and flexible solutions. With this new partnership, grocery and convenience distribution will get comprehensive solutions that address supply chain concerns and drive business growth by leveraging Liftians’ pioneering warehouse software expertise and Velociti’s award-winning integrated systems.

The alliance will accelerate the adoption of cutting-edge warehouse technology in supply chain logistics, helping grocery and convenience distribution keep up with demand and scale safely.

About Liftians:
Liftians, Inc. (Liftians) is a creative automation technology company providing configurable solutions to warehouse and distribution businesses with its pioneering software platform. Liftians helps SME fulfillment services become more efficient in operations, cope with labor shortages, and lower costs. By equipping clients with various automation tools, Liftians solves SME operations efficiency problems and gives clients the ability to scale with growth and future operational changes. Liftians is democratizing the warehouse automation industry and powering SME’s.

About Velociti Alliance:
Velociti Alliance North America, Inc. (Velociti) is an award-winning provider of deeply integrated supply chain solutions. With multiple patents that demonstrate our desire and ability to Define and Automate Modern Distribution, Velociti enjoys forward-thinking relationships with some of the industry’s most successful wholesalers and resellers. We currently have systems in place that serve six of the top 10 convenience store wholesalers, such as McLane Company (1), Imperial Trading Company, and S. Abraham and Company. Velociti systems also power the top full-line grocery wholesalers, including C&S Wholesale (1).