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Executive Team

Jonathan Huang


Currently serving as CEO of Liftians, Inc., Jonathan has a broad background in mechanical engineering and computer science across a 30-year career. He specializes in material handling systems and is an expert in business intelligence and machine learning for eCommerce and distribution. Jonathan was the head of Yahoo’s product intelligence projects and director of software engineering at Barnes and Noble.

Shujane Lee


Currently serving as CTO of Liftians Inc., Shujane has worked for Motorola, Oracle, Siebel Systems, Epiphany Inc, eBay, Yahoo, Barnes & Noble Search group, and SAP. She is a product and technology leader with 30 years of extensive hands-on experience in defining, designing, and developing large-scale data-driven business intelligence systems, factory automation systems, WMS/MHS, ERP, CRM, personalized search & recommendation engines, and Artificial Intelligence Applications. She was formerly a Ph.D. candidate and received her MS degree from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California, Irvine.