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Who We Are

Technology Experts

    • Specialist in material handling systems developing business intelligence and machine learning for E-Commerce and distribution.
    • Software professionals with hands-on experience defining, designing, and developing.

Distribution Industry Expertise

    • Over 25 years of operational and sales experience with both large and small product distribution company’s, bringing key insights Into robotic automation requirements and solutions.

Turnkey Partner

    • Full range of robotic product offerings,  utilizing both QR code and SLAM technology.


Customer expectations are changing as new sales outlets are being used. With the application of social media, omnichannel and e-commerce customers now have more price options, selections, delivery methods, and shopping experiences. The ability of a business to meet these new expectations greatly depends on the fulfillment and distribution capabilities they possess.

Robotic automation can extend the capacity, hours of operation, and life of a Distribution Center, Fulfillment Center, and Micro Fulfillment Center. Discover how robotic automation can provide a short return on investment in times of increasing wages, lack of available workers, and meeting the demands of shipping more in less time.

The future of robotic automation is happening now.