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Service on Robotics Software & Hardware

Offering a complete range of solutions for predictive, preventative, and reactive maintenance to ensure maximized machine output and extended product life.

Liftians trains your designated employees for basic software support and robotic maintenance. Should an issue arise that your employees cannot resolve, Liftians stands ready via a VPN connection to diagnose and repair your issue 24/7. If required, a technician from Liftians will be dispatched quickly for emergency situations.


  • SYSTEM MONITORING: technicians are notified of system
    issues typically prior to your employees knowing a problem exists
  • 24 / 7 SUPPORT: support is available by email, phone, and text
  • SOFTWARE UPDATES: automatic remote updates
  • HARDWARE WARRANTY: normal wear and tear, and labor
  • SPARE PARTS: parts normally delivered within 24 hours
  • FREE REPLACEMENT: if your robot can’t be repaired, it’s replaced
  • ON-SITE MAINTENANCE: we will send a technician to your
    facility to do maintenance and system diagnostics annually
  • ROBOT MANUALS: online access to documentation, manuals,
    and start-up guides through your personal customer portal