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Brochure on Robotics Software & Hardware

Efficient. Accurate. Reliable.

Liftians robotics designs, manufactures, and deploys robots for logistics automations.

Currently, we provide QR code-based navigation and laser radar navigation system to 3PL companies and fulfillment centers.

Moving AGV:

The Moving AVG features high payload capacity, multiple navigation options, cluster scheduling algorithm, and  intelligent algorithm.

The moving robot is equipped with a new generation of QR code and inertial navigation / laser radar navigation / hybrid navigation to achieve precise positioning. This makes it more efficient and safer operation.

Lifting Robot

The Lifting Robot is equipped with customized brackets which meets multi-platform docking requirement, support QR code navigation, laser radar navigation, and more flexible options.

Multi-functional Robot

The Multi-functional Robot is designed to give unprecedented flexibility to assembly lines and boost plant productivity.

Forklift Robot

High efficiency and Punctuality.

Laser radar navigation, multiple protection, and sound and light alarm. No manual operation required and it is easy to fork, unload, and stack goods. Suitable for pallet transportation.

Sorting Robot(Roller)

The sorting robot can operate in two different directions so it can be automated to transport goods and connect with the moving belt. Seamless interface with the conveyor with a smooth and quick transfer.

It is widely used in the transportation of materials in the electronic 3C and other warehouse.

Customizing Support:

Payload customization
Navigation method customization
Dimension customization
Function customization